Monday, October 4, 2010

what is written

Poem - Life's a Bitch!
Life's a Bitch - Anup R

Life's a bitch
Just one big sales pitch
Perceived abilities gets one hired
But very soon, one gets tired
Of living up to great expectations
& handling the daily trials and frustrations
Delivering one's best gets one no fame no acclaim
Coz' it was only expected
And anything remotely 'average' is not accepted
they say - Surely compalcency is to blame!
Can't they see
what life's become for me?
sucking the life outta me?
Cynicism raises its ugly head everyday
Doesn't listen to reason or anything that I say
It wants me to break free
It wants me to run away
But I'm down with it
I know this too will pass
I'm the one who raised the bar
I'm the one aiming to be a star
No success without some sorrow
or without sweat at the brow
So I'm gonna press on for some more time
I know I'll soon find my rhyme
I love my Life!
Though Life's a Bitch!
One looong sales pitch!
Disclaimer: No offense intended to dog lovers. I love dogs too :)


  1. a famous rapper once said' "Life's a bitch..dependin' on how u treat her, u might get rich"..
    Although I forgot who that rapper sounded dope @ the time [this is just me commenting] - u don't get marked for this right?? cause that would be a bitch..

  2. Know what, an artist shouldn't apologise (to the dog lovers) just kill it hehe. But yo, fine poem with all the rhyming.

  3. hehehehehehe i do get marked Que but thank u anyway hey and yeah the poem is dope, check out the video i made i was trying to rap on facebook Andiswa Dlamini