Monday, October 4, 2010

tell it like it is

today i woke up late, broke a glass while i was rushing around at the same time i realised i'm out of food...LaB(life's a bitch)


  1. andyee,
    maybe look at for some lighthearted examples.
    could be a good link.

  2. heheheheeheh yeah fuck my life...dats the 1 I told andy about its kak funni but anyway......
    Today I woke up nice nd early thinking ill get a taxi to school ended up walking cause it took so long. then I get here nd theres no1 to help me with my assignment...... LaB(Life's a bitch)

  3. i'm mad broke last night spent the whole night looking around my room thinking of what i could sell...and i'm damn! hUnGrY.LaB(Life's a bitch)

  4. eeeeh man I know how u fell I just got money nd Im feelin broke, but u know when times get ruff u can always come to us....... at;east u got ur sister around, im only seeing my family in DEC....LABX2

  5. heheheheheeh LaBx2 i like that concept but right now even if my life is a bitch there is someone who is just battling it out next to me

  6. LaB...TODAY my sister wasn't feeling to good, i couldn't help her out cause i was in a rush to school so i made a cup of coffee with her and i still don't know how she is

  7. Phuck, i forgot i have to do something important today and now my ass has to walk back home and come back...LaB(life's a bitch)

  8. I swear it couldn't be sweeter, Life's a bitch
    Depending on how you treat her, "you might get rich",
    It's guaranteed you gonna die, you might get missed,
    For maybe 2 or 3 hours, 'til they light their spliffs,

  9. nice rhyme there Naushad, i have heared it though before check out the video i posted on my facebook called life's a bitch